business growth.


Horizontal 8 team members have over 80 years of professional experience working in multi- and trans-national businesses, primarily North America and Greater China, in a wide range of start-up and senior management roles.   Learn more at About Us.


OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – from garage and factory floor to fortune 500 board room

Horizontal 8 delivers sustainable business growth.  Having started and grown multiple businesses and teams of people that still flourish today, Horizontal 8's team will take a long-term view of your business and the changing environment in which it operates.  We support triple bottom-line thinking as an effective way to de-risk a business model and enable more stable and sustained growth that takes account of the external operating environment.


Supply chain 

Find the right suppliers for your business.  Drive down costs without compromising quality.  Define qualification requirements and ensure compliance.  Prioritize and mitigate risks.


Seize opportunities to develop and launch new products or services.  Win over initial customers.  Increase net profitability with better revenue models.

Real EState

Understand technical risks to real property performance.  Accurately price land contamination and equipment efficiency.  Invest in sustainable building infrastructure (HVAC, lighting, energy systems).


Identify the best strategic options for your business.  Plan and open new offices, hire key staff, acquire and integrate new businesses, drive return from high value partnerships.